Gühring carbides supply

Cutting tool properties largely depend on the material it is made of. The proportion of tungsten and cobalt carbide, size and smoothness grain are crucial as well.

Our company produces rotary solid carbide tools, which enables to assess existing alternatives at the market, cost efficiency and quality of competitive suppliers. The main objective for us is to maintain the high quality, delivery time and range flexibility.

Over a long period of time we have tested numerous Russian brands of carbide workpieces, applying different machining types and materials, and now we can state with confidence that GÜHRING products (Germany) meet each and every most demanding requirements of our Customers. As a result of our further cooperation we were honored to become the brand’s official dealer.

We offer to supply Gühring carbide workpieces directly from out Penza store.

At our production we apply DK460UF (universal application), DK255F and DK500UF grades.

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