Cutting tool reconditioning

Reconditioning of cutting tools features regrinding of cutting edges to reach their original or close to the original performance capacities followed by wear-resistant coating. The price of this service constitutes just from 10 to 30% of a new cutting tool cost given that reconditioning can be performed up to 8 times.

We offer you to test our quality and make sure we can be trusted.

A reconditioned tool cuts as effectively as a new one provided all the original geometry has been restored. If the latter requirement has been met, the reconditioned tool’s life span and performance can lower the overall tooling costs due to its multiple use with no sacrifice in quality.

Nowadays any modern company demonstrating effective financial distribution and performance excellence applies reconditioning services as an essential leverage to cost reduction.

We are committed to provide high-quality and timely regrinding of your cutting tools. Our advanced logistics system and ideal location in the center of European Russia enable us to receive, recondition and send back your tools within the shortest possible time. We are not geographically limited to any region.

We recondition any VHM and HSS cutting tools:

  • mills for any types of materials;
  • drills for any types of materials;
  • thread mills for any types of materials;
  • countersinks.

Our specialists are ready to recondition cutting tools of any brand’s geometry as well as according to your individual technical task.