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Partial profile thread cutters

Today we continuously stock partial profile thread cutters for M(ISO) and UN threads, from M1.6 and higher with any pitch.

The peculiarity of this tool is that the thread to be formed is determined by:

  • diameter of the cutting part (determines the minimum Ø of the thread);
  • The range of pitches for which the thread mill is designed.

For example, the thread cutter 6RP02D099X72N33P2.0 has a face Ø = 9.9 mm (the exact actual size is printed on the shank to help the tool setter) and a pitch range of 0.75 mm to 2.0 mm. Accordingly, we can thread in any hole Ø over 10.0 mm with any pitch from 0.75 to 2.0. For example, we can form both M12×0.75, and M16×2.0 or M17×1.0.

Of course, due to their design features, part-profile thread cutters are inferior in performance and durability to full-profile ones. At the same time, as practice shows, they find their application even in the case of formation of standard threads. It's all about optimized modes and the high economic efficiency of our tools, not to mention the easiest extraction in case of breakage.

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