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Stock replenishment

Many enterprises have felt the increased complexity of planned tool purchases — budgets are decreasing, product mix is increasing or changing. Every day there are more and more «here and now» tasks, which also adds to the headache for suppliers of both large city-forming factories and small private enterprises.

By and large, time is money. We are a manufacturing company and understand you like no other.

Our policy is based on quick order processing and no less quick delivery of tools in stock. I.e. 80% of covered catalog nomenclature we are ready to ship you on the day of order in quantity from 10 to 50 units of each type, including countersinks, radius cutters, center drill bits.

Now you have a solution, which allows you to cover up to 90% of your tooling needs in a short period of time.

Standard cutters, elongated f1-f20, spherical and radius cutters — always in stock. Shipment — in one day by any TK.