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Custom tool - site update

The coordination of sketches for custom tools is an integral and necessary part of our work. At the same time, this process is not quick, both for the customer and for us — the manufacturer. Agreements, clarifications…

Our goal is to reduce labor costs, facilitate the process of coordinating drafts and dot all the i's. We present you the updated section «Custom Tools».

What's new:

  • the list of sketches has been expanded — in our opinion, 95% of all possible variations of a custom tool are covered;
  • all tool characteristics required for maximal satisfaction of customer's requirements are taken into account;
  • forms of drafts have been worked out — now there is no need to print, fill and scan images. You can fill the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or similar), save it and send it to us. In the future this thumbnail can be repeatedly edited;
  • All fields of thumbnails are supplemented with tooltips.

We will by no means limit our task definition to these sketches only. Our goal is to save your time as much as possible and offer the most effective solution.